The Prophet Speaks

“Before I Say Yes”

By:  Pastor Milton Coats

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On February 14th, Valentine's Day will be celebrated.  On that day, some young man will ask a young lady to marry him.  To that young lady, I want to share a few things to consider before you say yes.

So, I write this article for the lady who is waiting for Mr. Right to come along and ask her hand in marriage.  How will you know that he is Mr. Right?  Allow me to arm you with several nuggets from God's word that will be helpful to you in making that determination.

God gave Adam to Eve for a husband.  Since God gave Adam to Eve, Adam qualified as Mr. Right.  That is because God does no wrong.  God put Adam and Eve together, but we have a right to choose.

Let's take a look at Adam and identify some of his characteristics before God gave him a wife.  These traits should be evident in every man's life before he asks a woman's hand in marriage.  And before a woman says yes!

In Genesis 2:7, God formed man out of the dust of the ground.  God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.  After God formed man, He placed Adam in the Garden of Eden.  Eden is a type of God's presence.  God's presence was evident in Adam before God gave him to Eve.  Therefore, the first thing that Mr. Right should have is God in his life.

In Genesis 2:15, God told the man to dress the garden and keep it.  Notice that the second thing that God gave man was work, not a wife.  Yes!  Mr. Right should have a job.  II Thessalonians 3:10, declares, "if any would not work, neither should he eat".  Man is a provider!  In man's work, God told him to dress and keep the garden.  "Dress the garden" means that man is to cultivate it.  He is to cause the garden to flourish, to blossom, to be better.  If a man is Mr. Right, he will bring out the best in you.  Your life will be better because of him.  You can do bad all by yourself.  "Keep the garden" means man is to guard or protect it.  Mr. Right is a protector.  You will not be the victim of his verbal or physical abuse.  God gave men a deeper voice and muscular physique to protect our families, not harm them.

Finally, in verses 16 and 17, God told man of every tree of the garden that he may freely eat.  But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he shalt not eat.  In the day that he eatest thereof, he would surely die.  God gave this command to man.  In a sense, God gave His word to man.  The woman was not present.  So how was she to know not to eat of the tree?  It was the responsibility of the man to teach her.  Mr. Right should be able to teach his family the word of God.

Again, to that lady who is waiting for Mr. Right, if you will scrutinize him, at a minimum, according to the characteristics I have described, you will save yourself many heartaches.

God Bless you is my prayer!